Minimalism Is For Our Betterment

Minimalism quote by Joshua Becker
Often, as a minimalist, there are things I hold onto in my home that I love and don't want to part with. 

These are things that do not need to be there, but items I cherish and truly value, so I persist in keeping them.

These are things like my vintage mug collection or my Pyrex collection. They are completely exorbitant and ultimately too much if I'm being honest.

But, I love them. I'm a collector at heart, so there are some things I don't want to part with because they give me such joy to have and use.

Then I remember the goal of minimalism, which is exactly what this image and quote are all about. This is from Joshua Becker's book, The Minimalist Home. 

This book helped me not only keep to my minimalist ideals, but it reminded me that I can keep what I love if I find it necessary in my life. It's a fantastic read.

"Minimalism doesn't take away everything," Becker says. But, he continues to explain, it allows us to see what we're not using; what is unnecessary, and also, what is necessary.

The few items I collect are necessary for my happiness. They bring me joy. And I love them.

As I always remind myself, "pare down to love." I've done just that, even in my collections. I've eliminated collections that stopped serving a purpose and only keep what does serve a purpose. Even if that purpose is only my happiness.

It's as simple as that.

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