Minimalist Kitchen │ Minimal Aesthetic for Your Kitchen

Sometimes, when the lighting is just right in my kitchen I love taking pictures of what's there. 

We renovated a few years ago. We had old oak cabinets original to a home built in 1984. You can imagine what that looked like.

As a minimalist, there isn't much in it now. Simple, clean lines, and a solid surface counter.

But that's what makes it beautiful. That's the appeal of minimalism and the minimalist lifestyle.

Rather than the kitchen itself, I'm mesmerized by what's not in the kitchen. No extra stuff, no extraneous items.

Evening in a kitchen

I can see the lighting, the mood, the simple beauty of white cabinets, and gratitude for a gorgeous space to call my own.

No need to go out for coffee when I have a kitchen like this to wake up to every day.

Less is more.

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